… because I might change my mind.

What’s one more blogger?

This is my long-delayed foray into the world of blogs. I say “long-delayed” because more than a year ago, I attempted to launch a blog by this very name. I reserved the web address. I arranged an account with a service to host the site. I even spent money on fancy software to help build the site. The problem was that I knew nothing about building a site — even with the relatively easy-to-use yet sophisticated software. I enlisted the assistance of my friend, Mike, to help me because he knew far more than I did about the software, but sometimes, even the best teacher can’t get the student’s light to go on.

Recently, I noticed that a couple of friends had started a site on this service, and it got me thinking: “why reinvent the wheel?” Just use the templates that are here and launch. So here I am. I apologize in advance for anything I may post on here that offends you or that you may find is a complete waste of your time. (I am confident my apology will come in handy on more than one occasion.)

There is no real purpose to this site. I won’t be focused on celebrity gossip or personal finance or sports, but it is possible that certain posts will include any or all of those three topics as well as a number of others.

That latter idea is a great segue into how I chose the name for this blog.

It started with a free association — hearkening back to my undergrad study of psychology — about my favorite season: fall.


Deciduous . . . deciduous. I like the colors of the deciduous trees in the fall. I know that a deciduous tree sheds its leaves in the fall, but what does the word “deciduous” actually mean. I looked it up in Webster’s, and there were several definitions there: (1) shedding the leaves annually; (2) falling off or shed at a particular season, stage of growth, etc.; or (3) impermanent; transitory.

There it was. Impermanent or transitory. Like my thoughts. I like to just spout off on topics. Just ask my wife. Deciduous Thoughts. I’ve been having them my whole life. Under this framework, I can take whatever position I want on something and not apologize. I told you up front that my thoughts are transitory.

Or it could be a play on words in that while I may think that my thoughts are transitory, in reality, I am a fairly staid person who doesn’t much care for change. And by placing my thoughts online, are they really impermanent? They are at least semi-permanent until the server runs out of space to hold the old thoughts.

So there you have it. I’ll stay away from the obvious Paul Harvey reference.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hope to hear from you in the comments section.


One response

  1. Welcome to the blogger world, Billy! Blog some of those funny stories about that adorable little son of yours! Tell your bride I miss her – I think I fell off the face of the earth or something. Love to y’all!

    April 12, 2007 at 7:05 pm

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