… because I might change my mind.

Keegan meets the Easter Bunny

When last we met, Keegan was at his phlegmatic best ignoring the easter egg hunt experience. In some respects, however, his indifference to things like that comes in handy when faced with 6-foot-tall bunnies with football-helmet-sized heads. As you can see, Keegan was unfazed by the size of this deliverer of Peeps and malted robin’s eggs. He touched the bunny’s legs to feel the texture of the fur. He stared at the giant feet of this HGH-enhanced animal. He was so focused on observing the rabbit that the green egg the bunny handed him was an afterthought. (“Yea, whatever. Why are you so freakin’ big?“) And for whatever reason, I was a little proud that the K-Man didn’t collapse in a ball of weeping goo at the site of the Easter Bunny. He knew that his mom and I were right there. He felt safe enough to test his curiosity. It’s humbling to provide that for another human being.


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