… because I might change my mind.

Under the wire

Today was a busy day. My mind is a little frazzled. And it’s only Tuesday. Sheesh.

I think it all goes back to that extra hour of sleep that I didn’t utilize Saturday night.

Given my exhausted state, there’s a good chance for gibberish.

Dyson — that dude’s a little creepy with the overdramatic way he talks about his allegedly state-of-the-art vaccuum. He’s like some IKEAized version of J. Peterman. Does the world really need a cutting edge vaccuum?

And I noticed Mr. Dyson developed a new obsession about those air dryers that gas stations use because they are too lazy to buy paper towels and/or get up from behind the counter and add more paper towels to the dispenser (all under the guise that “it’s better for the environment” not to “waste” all those paper towels). Dyson claims he was tired of everyone’s tendency to use those dryers and then wipe their hands on their pants anyway because of the inefficient way blowing hot air eliminates water from one’s hands. Yea, like there was nothing else he could spend his time and money on.

OK, my brain is mush. Too bad there’s no Dyson product for that.


One response

  1. Consumer Reports doesn’t like the Dyson vac. It’s all hype.

    November 8, 2007 at 3:48 pm

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