… because I might change my mind.

Paper and Pigskin

With Jen and Keegan out of town, I decided to go into work today and clean up my office. I do this once a year because if I didn’t, I might die under an avalanche of paper. In anticipation of today’s chore, I secured the delivery of an over-sized garbage can. I received one of those huge cans with wheels just like the one I use at home to take our garbage to the curb. After 4 hours of cleaning, I filled the can to the rim with an assortment of paper I had accumulated from various cases of mine over the last few years. I called building maintenance to see if I could get a second can, but there were none available. And I had a lot more to toss. So I had to truck the can to the basement of the building to dump my load.

With an empty can, I returned to the task at hand. And I filled it up about half-way in round two. But I’m not done. I haven’t even touched the top of my desk! I’ll be back in tomorrow to finish the task. I need a better system to help me clean as I go. And when I think about holding onto something that I think I might need down the road, I need someone to whack me on the back of the head.

Some observations from today’s college football:

1) Good for Sylvester Croom. The former Tide player. who didn’t get the Bama job when they gave it to Mike Shula, got a win today against his alma mater. Even bigger, Misserable State became bowl-eligible with the win.

2) The Zookers take down Ohio State in Columbus. That could set up an LSU-Oregon BCS championship game which I think would be an entertaining match-up. But there is plenty of time for the top teams to lose and create other possibilities for the title game.

3) I think Keegan has a stronger arm than Auburn QB Brandon Cox. How many throws did he one-hop today? That is, when he wasn’t holding onto the ball too long and getting sacked! Sixth-year senior? Really? Really?

4) Another week, another service academy beats Notre Dame in South Bend! Air Force ran all over the Irish.

5) After giving up 76 points last week in a loss to Kansas, Nebraska’s offense showed up and laid 73 points on Kansas State. Bill Clownahan still loses his job when the season is over. Look for Bo Pellini (the LSU Def. Coord.) or Turner Gill (the Buffalo head coach) to get the Nebraska job.


2 responses

  1. Do y’all incinerate or shred?

    November 12, 2007 at 2:40 am

  2. We shred.

    November 12, 2007 at 3:41 am

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