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Almost foiled by network broadcasting

So I was watching the end of the UK-Tenn. game today — torn between not wanting the Vowels to win and not wanting Georgia to go to the SEC championship game next week. I was really just waiting for the game to end, so I could watch the UF-FSU game which was kicking off at 5:00 p.m. Unfortunately, the players in the game in Lexington refused to end their game in a timely fashion. So CBS stayed on that game. Forever.

In Gainesville, they kicked off. In Lexington, Tenn. scored a touchdown and UK answered. Second OT. In Gainesville, the score was 14-6. In Atlanta, we’re still watching the game in Lexington where Tenn. scored another TD and UK responded in kind. Oh joy, a third overtime. In Gainesville, the first quarter is over! I am now screaming into a throw pillow. Not because of a bad play by the Gators — because I haven’t seen play one in the game I truly care about — but because I don’t have the option of watching the game I want to see that is being broadcast by the same network.

In the third overtime, nothing gets decided. Of course not. So we’re onto the fourth extra period. And in Gainesville, Tebow throws for another TD and the Gators are up 21-9. In the fourth OT, the game in Lexington is finally decided — ending in another escape act by Fat Phil and Co. And I finally get the privilege of watching the Gators last drive of the first half! Which ends in a field goal. With less than a minute before half-time, FSU did manage to get a field-goal attempt off. A 60-yarder. And somehow, the team that has brought us so many wide kicks manages to line-drive through a 60-yarder. Unbelievable.

But the Gators got the ball back to start the second half and promptly managed five first downs on consecutive plays. Game (essentially) over. The final was 45-12. The Gator seniors leave The Swamp victors one last time. And I think Tebow probably wrapped up his Heisman-winning campaign with another 3 TDs through the air and 2 more on the ground. And the missionary kid also managed a few verbal jabs towards the Criminole sideline too. Amen.

Happy Birthday to DA in Omaha! For his birthday, I am dialing up a little snow for later in the week. What’s the last week in November in Nebraska without a reminder that winter is another month away but Mother Nature wants to get things started early! DA celebrated his birthday by having dinner with his parents. Such a nice boy.

Also Happy Birthday to Caroline who turns ???? tomorrow.


3 responses

  1. DA

    So nice to be mentioned in this blog. And, YesSir, snow is on the way. Time for you to fly up here to shovel my driveway!!On a lighter note, my irrigation system is off. Why do I live here–other than the fact that it’s almost 33 right now?DA

    November 25, 2007 at 1:21 am

  2. 45.

    November 25, 2007 at 9:56 am

  3. I know the feeling. The end of that game seemed…well to never end. By the time Woodson made his final stupid mistake as a wildcat, the Georgia game was starting the 4th quarter. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t watched the game, but man that KY/TN game was ridiculously entertaining. They have definately dodged some bullets to get in to the Title game, but since they spanked us in Knoxville, I can’t scream injustice.

    November 25, 2007 at 3:35 pm

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