… because I might change my mind.

Au revoir Novembre et NaBloPoMo 2007

First, let’s address the law school exam question. Hats off to Bekah for at least taking a shot at the fact pattern. And Bekah has some good legal instincts. The issue of verifying the date of the service on the DVD is important. But R confirmed that it was the Sunday morning in question. And Q didn’t challenge that point. Q’s main argument was that the company’s sick leave policy didn’t specifically state that employees on sick leave couldn’t go to church.

That might seem plausible if it wasn’t so laughable. Come on. She said she couldn’t work because her back hurt. But she can wear high heels standing on the choir risers, sway to and fro for a good 45 minutes during the singing portion of the service, and then be on catching duty for the prayer at the end of the service?

Then when she comes back to work, she brings in a note that says she was completely incapacitated all weekend?!?! Which is it? OK enough to go to fully participate in church or complete incapacitation? It’s one or the other, but not both.

The suspension is warranted because the employee abused the sick leave policy. Sick leave is designed to make up the employee’s wages lost when she has to miss work because of illness. Keep in mind that when the employee missed the shift, the company had to call in someone who already was scheduled to work a full week. So that cost the company the overtime wages that it had to pay the employee who filled in.

Well, it’s been a fun and long month of NaBloPoMo. Jen is glad the month is over because too many nights were spent trying to come up with something half-way decent about which to write. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to identify something worth posting. I may have missed the mark a few times, but I gave it a go. Thanks for reading all month. I may take a day or two off, but I like doing this too much. So you’ll see a new post before too long.


3 responses

  1. M

    I enjoyed your posts this month!

    December 1, 2007 at 5:36 pm

  2. You’re a good egg. And a good blogger. Have you seen “V for Vendetta”? It’s a good movie. The above commenter made me think of it as I was wonder what m was for. Don’t be gone long.

    December 1, 2007 at 7:16 pm

  3. Oh, yikes…… I have to say, I *hated* “V for Vendetta.” The overly overt political overtones made me gag. I watched this movie with Dustin Sauls. We both were walking out of the theater, saying, “That wasn’t too obvious, was it?” as we choked back the sarcasm. Preview looked great, but there’s only so much liberal agenda/Bush administration-bashing I can handle and this movie dropped it’s mask (excuse the pun!) waaaaay too early.

    December 3, 2007 at 1:19 am

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