… because I might change my mind.

Halloween weekend highlights

The Halloween weekend started with, uh, Halloween (hence the name). Keegan got things started with a party at school where he enjoyed pizza and Capri Sun. In case you’re wondering, K-Man went as a penguin.

Then he got ready for the real Halloween festivities in the neighborhood.

Posed for a picture with his Aunt Nicole and Uncle Jonathan.

On Saturday, we had some friends over (all of whom were dog fans) to watch the annual Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville (a/k/a the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party). I expected the game to be a Big 12 shootout with the winner being the last team with the ball. Fortunately, it didn’t matter who had the ball at the end of the game … or all of the fourth quarter for that matter. UF took advantage of some “timely” penalties by Georgia and Matthew Stafford auditioning for the Detroit Lions by throwing 3 interceptions. The final score was 49-10.

By the fourth quarter, John Mark, one of our UGA friends, had capitulated.

And decided to get a new tatoo.

On his forehead. See.


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