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NaBloPoMo 2009 Day 25 — Thanksgiving Prep

So tonight, I was at home prepping for Thanksgiving. What does that mean? Well, Jen was out wrapping up some piano lessons and then having coffee with a friend. So, I had K-Man Duty.

Now, when you’re married and you have kids of your own, you no longer engage in “babysitting” when it involves your own kid. That’s just parenting or “watching your kid.” But I digress.
I fed Keegan and bathed him. Read a nice story about Jesus calming the storm and said our prayers. Then, I collected the laundry and started separating. Now, I know how to do laundry — contrary to Jen’s opinion. I started with what we call “work-out clothes” because they’re all polyester, washed on cold, and Jen thinks they’re the hardest for me to mess up. Got that load washed, dried and folded. Then I started the whites. Threw in a good dose of bleach too. Got that load washed and in the dryer. Then I washed the jeans and gray sweat shirts and t-shirts. She can’t possibly complain about my efforts to minimize any potential damage I could cause.
When Jen got home, she immediately took note of the laundry in progress. She was skeptical. I encouraged her to be thankful … because it’s Thanksgiving. Sheesh. She asked why I insist on doing laundry. I repeated, just be thankful. I described the loads that had been done already. She rifled through the remaining piles on the floor without audibly disapproving of their respective contents. Then, she noticed a couple of sweaters of hers set aside in their own pile. I’m not stupid. When garments feel that soft and are not made of man-made fibers, I know better than to lump them in with my sweatshirts and boxers — even if they all are “dark.” (Which really means I remember a prior discussion — or four — about how certain items of hers can’t be washed with my boxers even if they are the same color!)
Every Thanksgiving, I cook chocolate chip cookies as well. I’ve set out the ingredients on the counter but haven’t decided whether I will mix everything up and leave the baking until morning or just do everything in the a.m. I think I’ll just wait until morning and keep sipping on my cocktail while Jen looks at train sets on the web for possible gifts for Kee.
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!

2 responses

  1. I wholeheartedly affirm what sounds like most excellent laundry thinking. Your decisions were well though out and demonstrate your advanced development. Bravo!

    November 26, 2009 at 9:28 am

  2. However, I do the EXACT same thing when Mike does laundry. I asked him just this week WHY he insists on it.

    November 26, 2009 at 9:30 am

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