… because I might change my mind.

NaBloPoMo 2009 Day 26 — Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Day is all but done. We had a good one, but a long one as usual. Made it to the gym this morning to work off 500+ calories to credit my gastronomic account for later. Made my oatmeal chocolate chips cookies as is our custom. They turned out well. (For those who care, I start with the Nestle Toll House recipe and add additional sugar, brown sugar and flour to make it a drier mix, plus the oatmeal to add a notion of healthiness.)

My youngest sister (Nicole) and her husband (Jonathan) came over to the house for dinner. Jonathan cooked the turkey at our house. Turned out very good. We made a ham because I’m not that fond of turkey. The ham was nice and will make some great sandwiches for the next several days — maybe even a western omelet if I’m feeling particularly adventurous one morning. Nicole made her favorite side dish: green bean casserole. Jonathan also made his mom’s dressing which was a solid compliment to the proteins on the table (That’s how they refer to the meat selections on Top Chef. Nothing is “fish” or “pork” or “beef.” They’re all “proteins.”). K-Man was his finicky self. He had a bite of ham, a bite of green bean casserole, a bite of dressing. He did eat a heaping portion of baked sweet potato though. With how much energy that kid uses throughout the day, it is a wonder he doesn’t collapse from lack of fuel given his bird-like eating habits. Of course, he was all over the chocolate chips cookies. And they do have oatmeal in them, so he’s fine.
I guess I can’t write a “Thanksgiving” post without the obligatory “I’m thankfuls.” So here goes.
This has been quite a year for us. There is much to be thankful for. I am thankful for:
— My family. For Jen who has encouraged me throughout the year as we work to get the law practice off the ground. For Kee who has regularly reminded me why I want to be at home more to see him grow and develop and live his life. Our parents who have supported our decision to make more time for our family.
— My friends. Who have listened to me for hours as I wade through the rough waters of starting a business. Who have challenged me to be a better husband, father, friend, and person, including the friends I’ve made in Scotland over the last two summers.
— My Lord. This year has been one of constant reliance on my Lord. I’ve been given a lot of talents, but that doesn’t always translate into huge success. But we’ve always had what we need. Not always at the time we would’ve preferred it, but when we had to have it. I’m thankful for the relationship that I have with Jesus because it adds a covering of peace when the winds of anxiety are blowing all around.
— Freedom. The sacrifices made by military veterans and those in uniform today serving all over the world to defend our democracy. We can have blogs like this and write about just about anything because of the freedom those men and women fight to maintain.
— Many otherwise mundane things. Tivo — the ability to freeze television is nothing short of miraculous. My laptop — the freedom to do work on my computer at a coffee shop, the lake, the library, or Scotland makes life a lot easier. 24-hour fitness centers — the freedom to work-out at any hour — even when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night. Costco — because it wouldn’t be right not to be appreciative of a place that sells stamps, tires, baby wipes, half-gallons of salsa, and cheese cakes the size of a stop sign all under the same roof!
There are a multitude of other things — serious and humorous — for which I am thankful. And they all remind me that I am incapable of living this life on my own. Never stop reminding me of that.

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