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NaBloPoMo 2009 Day 30 — Christmas Tree Lighting

Tonight, we went to the city’s tree lighting in front of the community center and library. This is the second year of our attendance, but this was the first year that K-Man was really looking forward to it — especially seeing Santa. Before you have a kid, you have these visions in your head of what certain events will look like when you experience them with your child. Up to now, most of our visions have been light years apart from actual events. Rarely, if ever, is Kee as excited about whatever it is as we are hoping he’ll be. In fact, he’s sort of conditioned us not to expect much of a reaction from him — certainly not a sustained level of excitement. (Of course, none of this applies to anything involving trains. If it involves a train, he’s as excited every time as a dog is to see its owner upon re-entering a room only seconds after leaving.)
Tonight, K-Man was anticipating the arrival of St. Nick. We had explained that he’d be coming to light the city’s Christmas tree. Having been to this the year before, we knew where to stand to get a good vantage point for his arrival and the tree-lighting. Santa did not disappoint. Nor did Keegan. His eyes lit up when he caught the first glimpse of the jolly one. He yelled out “Hi, Santa!” He followed him through the crowd and as he climbed the garland-wrapped ladder preparing for the lighting. Kee counted down from 10 and oohed and ahhed when Santa signaled the lights on. He waved to Santa as he left the festivities shouting “Good-bye, Santa!” as he walked out of sight. Then he re-lived it again all the way back to the car as we walked hand in hand. It was a great opening to the holiday season.
Before Santa arrived, Kee took his picture with Frosty.
He surveyed the un-lit tree before Santa’s arrival.

He leapt into Mommy’s arms when she met us there.
(And was telling her all about what was coming.)

And he waved bye to Santa as he went back to the North Pole
to finish up that last batch of toys before the big day.


One response

  1. I love this wee boy and I've not even met him yet! – and I heartily concur with his feelings about trains. Love Frosty's scarf (or is that a muffler to you?)- must be an ex-pat Scot.

    December 1, 2009 at 3:11 pm

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