… because I might change my mind.

NaBloPoMo 2010 Day 4 — Boys Night

So K-Man and I went to Taco Mac tonight for a little dinner. We refer to it as “Boys Night.” It’s a fun time to get away, and Kee gets his usual — cheese quesadilla and french fries. Typically, I ask him questions about his day, and he may or may not answer. The “discussions” never go the way I envision them going, but I keep trying. One of these days, we’ll actually be able to have a conversation during one of these boys nights. It’s still a great time because inevitably, he does something that makes me laugh.
The first time I laughed tonight, we’d been sitting in our booth for about 10 minutes. We were munching on some chips and salsa. Keegan looked across the room and said “there’s a girl.” I said “yes, that is a girl” (and I was thinking, “there are about 10 others within our line of sight too.”). But it’s “boys night; there’re no girls tonight.”
The second time I laughed was when we were taking pictures at dinner. I took a few shots of him enjoying his quesadilla. Like this one:
Then, he wanted to take another one. This time he wanted to take one “backwards.” Here you go:
He loved it. And I laughed out loud!

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