… because I might change my mind.

NaBloPoMo 2010 Day 6 — Boys Night at the Thrashers Game

We went to the Thrashers hockey game a couple of weeks ago with some friends. Their son is a huge fan, and they were celebrating his birthday there. Keegan had a great time — mainly because when the Thrashers score, they blow a train horn and 2 Thrasher heads hanging from the rafters blow fire! What four-year-old doesn’t love train horns and fire?!?!
So tonight, K-Man and I went to the game against the Chicago Blackhawks, the defending Stanley Cup champions. We started with a meal from Wendy’s which we enjoyed sitting on the floor of CNN Center. Chocolate milk with his kid’s meal seemed appropriate for the special occasion. Kee certainly enjoyed it. And the fries.
We got inside the arena in time for the pregame introductions, which meant some pre-game streams of fire from the Thrasher heads. Kee is a huge fan, but he can do without the volume. He watches the goings on fully enthralled, but with his hands over his ears the whole time. While we stood for the national anthem, Keegan wanted to know if there was going to be more fire.
As we watched the game, I was able to explain that we wouldn’t see fire unless he first heard the train horn, and I was able to get him to understand which goal counted for the train horn and fire.
Intensely watching for goals and train horns and fire!
At the end of the first period, we went for some refreshments. We secured some Sprite and some Dippin’ Dots. For those of you who’ve never seen Dippin’ Dots, they are some space-age concoction that we will no doubt learn is completely carcinogenic. For now though, they are a unique way to enjoy ice cream — if ice cream had to be prepared in a trendy enough package to be used in the final rounds of Top Chef. We got a small bowl of half vanilla dots and rainbow sherbet dots and returned to our seats for the second period. Here’s a shot of Keegan shoving a spoonful of dots into his pie hole with gusto!
I ended up finishing the dessert because early in the second period, the Thrashers scored 2 quick goals and the presence of a bowl of ice cream dots interfered with Kee’s ability to cover his ears, so he abandoned the cool treat in exchange for muffled decibels.
It was a really enjoyable evening and a hint of some of the fun I’ve always seen in my mind’s eye for K-Man and myself. I look forward to many more games to come!

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