… because I might change my mind.

NaBloPoMo 2010 Day 14 — Video Sunday

Today has been a long, but restful day. We went to a meeting this afternoon that made me pause. I have a few thoughts rolling around in my noggin, but they’re not fully formulated, so I won’t bore you with them just yet. Everything has its time.

Today, I am going to pass along a few videos of interest to me. The first one reminds me of an old girlfriend. I married her, but this video reminds me of one of our dates while still in college. We went with a few other couples to a haunted house. Jen is not a fan of haunted houses or being scared or even being tickled. Recently, the talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, asked one of her writers to visit a haunted house for her Halloween episode. The woman hates being scared, but when sent into a haunted house, it’s comedy gold!
We love the show “Friday Night Lights.” The show originally was on NBC, but the last 2 seasons have originally aired on DirecTV. The current season is the last one of the series. This is the latest promotional video for the show. We love the drumline in this tune.

The drumline of that video reminds me of a drumline I saw this past summer in Glasgow. These guys were awesome!!

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