… because I might change my mind.

NaBloPoMo 2010 Day 17 — Team Party & K-Man’s Awesome Prayer

Tonight we had Keegan’s end-of-the-year soccer party. Team United had a good season. A team mostly of first-time players had their ups and downs (and by that, I mean that it was good the under-6 league doesn’t keep score, because some of our kids probably can’t count high enough to keep track of the goals scored on us). But as the year went on, we saw improvement from the boys and girls on the team (of course, even in the last game, there were still occasions where I had to remind the kids to kick the ball in the other direction because we don’t want to help the other team score more goals on us).

It was a great outlet for Kee’s endless energy levels. I cannot wait until he figures out how athletic and fast he is. For now, he spends more time watching his shadow run alongside him. Which — I tell myself — is just fine. His day will come.
The party was at Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet. But most of the kids couldn’t wait until we unleashed them on the game room. Love of skeeball knows no age apparently. If there are pink tickets to be collected and turned in for cheap plastic toys made in China that will get lost under a bed, thrown out by a parent, and cried over when their absence is stumbled upon, kids under 6 will go berserk for them! At least they did tonight.
Such a situation is perfect for a K-Man meltdown too. And tonight did not disappoint. Because once the tokens for skeeball run out, Kee begins the negotiation for more “moneys” for more tokens. That usually amounts to another dollar (have you seen the kid’s eyes staring up at you asking for more “moneys?” You’d cave too! Don’t judge me.) But once those tokens run out, Kee begins round 2 of negotiations, but this is where I walk away from the table. He becomes insistent. I remind him that I told him the last dollar was the “last dollar.” He then cries. Which has no impact on me. Once the waterworks start, the kid’s cuteness loses its effect on me.
When we left the restaurant, we let Keegan know about our disappointment in his behavior. He made “bad choices.” (“Bad choices” is parent-speak for “you screwed up kid” but you can’t really say that to a kid, because he’ll repeat it to a teacher or someone in authority and then yesterday’s post about possibly fostering kids becomes a moot point.)
When we got home, after a quick bath, it was time for K-Man to hit the hay. We said our prayers, and I asked Keegan to ask God to forgive him for making bad choices tonight. And these were the first words out of his mouth: “Hey Jesus ….”
If I’d had a mouthful of water, the kid would’ve needed a towel to dry off from the spit-take.
Hey Jesus, please forgive me for making bad choices.
Hey Jesus, thank you for bringing that kid into our lives!

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