… because I might change my mind.

NaBloPoMo 2010 Day 24 — Thanksgiving Preparations

I’m working on my oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies tonight. The first batch is in the oven as I start this post. So far so good. Here’s what they look like in the bowl:
Here’s what they look like cooling on the cookie rack. (Yes, I have a cookie rack for cooling my cookies. Shut up.)
Based on the required precautionary taste test, I think this batch will be well-accepted tomorrow at my parents’ house.
Jen is a fan of oatmeal raisin cookies, but she hasn’t asked me, until tonight, to set aside a portion of the cookie mix to add some raisins to. Done. We’ll see how they turn out.
I enjoy Thanksgiving a lot. The football games. The food and drink. The time shared with family and friends. I’ll probably have a list of things for which I am thankful tomorrow.
It would be funny (or odd) if Thanksgiving came with a tradition like this one: Slapsgiving!

And Slapsgiving II – The Revenge

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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